FTS 650, FTS 975

Capacity to hold between 650 to 975 Litres. Made of PE the tank is UV and shock resistant. Standard anti splash walls and water filter filling via C-connector.

FTS 650 FTS 975
Volume 172 G (650 liters) 257.5 G (975 liters)
Height 47” (120 cm) 63” (160 cm)
Width 44” (113 cm) 44” (113 cm)
Length 35” (90 cm) 35” (90 cm)
Standard Features
Hitch Category
Options Support legs for FTS, Wheels for support legs, LED amber beacon on the water tank, Tool for filling from public waters, Filling from the top via C-connector, High/Medium/Low pressure pump hydraulic, High/Medium/Low pressure hose between rear and front attachment.