HS/MS48-1, HS/MS60-1, HS/MS72-1

An all-season attachment mounted on a three-point hitch, this sweeper can be powered by hydraulics or PTO. With a 32” brush diameter it is useful for clearing sidewalks and paved areas of sand and debris, it is also ideal for fast, efficient removal of light snowfall accumulations.

HS/MS48-1 HS/MS60-1 HS/MS72-1
Weight 685lbs (310kg) 780lbs (353kg) 860lbs (390kg)
Clearing Width 48” (122cm) 60” (152cm) 72” (183cm)
Overall Width
Overall Height
Power Requirements 40HP (30kW)
Swing Angle 30°
Type Hydraulic/Mechanical
Brush Diameter 32″ (80cm)
Standard Features PU cowling, Parking legs, Poly steel combination, Brushes, adapter plate for wheel kit
Hitch Category CAT 1 or CAT 2
Options Stainless steel or Steel cowling, Water spray bar, Water pump,
Stainless steel wheel kit