FSA – V 500, FSA – V 1000

Vacuum unit with hydraulic operation. High volume dirt container, with water atomization in tank and brushes for minimizing of dust. Silent turbine with high airflow, hydraulic operation and high tip emptying. Easy on/off-mounting with heavy duty and adjustable storage stands.

FSA – V 500 FSA – V 1000
Weight Front/Back 220-551lbs (100/250kg) 386-882lbs (175/400kg)
Sweeping with 2 or 3 brushes Width 51-69” (1.3-1.75m) 71-108” (1.8-2.75m)
Air Volume (1100 liters/sec) (1700 liters/sec)
Water Tank (50 l) (100 l)
Height 69” (1.75m) 79” (2 m)
Sweeping Speed 0.5-2 miles/hour(1-3 km/hour) or according to conditions
Water Consumption 45 liters/hour at 2 bar
Brush rotation speed 30-70 rpm – continuously adjustable
Standard Features
Hitch Category
Options Additional 3rd side brush including hydraulic lift, additional external suction hose 6m including hose parking