FF/HF 1200 MA, FF/HF 1300 MA, FF/HF 1500 MA, FF/HF 1700 MA

Mechanical or hydraulic operated, for tractors from 30HP (22kW), 60cm x 7” poly brushes, hydraulic swing, 10” caster wheels, incl. PTO-shaft. Quick mounting/dismounting of the brush roller. Heavy storage supporting legs secures the stability.

FF/HF 1200 MA FF/HF 1300 MA FF/HF 1500 MA FF/HF 1700 MA
Weight 331lbs (150kg) 353lbs (160kg) 397lbs (180kg) 441lbs (200kg)
Sweeping Width 44” (113cm) 48″ (123cm) 56″ (143cm) 64″ (163cm)
Overall Width 55″ (139cm) 59″ (149cm) 67″ (169cm) 75″ (190cm)
Overall Height 30″ (85cm)
Power Requirements 13.5HP (10kW) 16.5HP (12kW) 19HP (14kW) 22HP (16kW)
Brush Type Poly standard – optional mix poly/steel
Brush Diameter 60cm x 7” on floating brush roller mounted in spline axles
Angling – Hydraulic 20° right/left – 1 swing cylinder
Standard Features 2 pcs 8 x 2.5” rubber wheels with spindle adjustment
Hitch Category
Options Sidebrush w/hydraulic lift, Water system 100l incl. accessories, Water kit with nozzle, Adjustable flow valve, Elec. reversing for hydraulic sweepers, Adjustable rubber shielding