SF40, SF55, SF55E

The ejection chutes have been designed to have the maximum casting distance, so that you can aim the snow where you want it. The cutters are made with an serrated edge to cut through hard packed snow and break up ice easily. The cutting edge that touches the ground is made from Hardox so that it doesn’t wear down quickly.

SF40 SF55 SF55E
Weight 200-240lbs (91-109kg) 390-620lbs (177-281kg) 340-400lbs (154-181kg)
Clearing Width 31-47″ (79-119cm) 33-71″ (84-180cm) 33-51″ (84-130cm)
Overall Width
Overall Height
Cutting Auger Diameter 16″ (40cm) 22″ (56cm) 22″ (56cm)
Power Requirements 10-27HP (7.5-20kW) 14-55HP (10.5-41kW) 11-30HP (8-22kW)
Turbine Diameter 13-17″ (33-43cm) 18-21″ (46-53cm) 18″ (46cm)
Standard Features Hardox skid shoe & cutting edge
Hitch Category CAT 1 or CAT 2
Options Working lights, Truckload chute, Custom colour, Auger wear rings, 1000 rpm gearbox, Hydraulic drive, Ratchet style auger clutch