SF65E, SF72E, SF72

ZAUGG offers 3 models of ejection chutes – a basic economy model, lightweight stainless steel model and a strengthened steel chute to handle constant rocks / debris. These chutes are designed to provide maximum casting distance.
The cutters are designed to eat through hard packed snow and break up solid ice.

SF65E SF72E SF72
Weight 710-880lbs (322-399kg) 990-1150lbs (449-522kg) 1280-1940lbs (581-880kg)
Clearing Width 47-79” (119-201cm) 55-97” (140-246cm) 55-97” (140-246cm)
Overall Width
Overall Height
Cutting Auger Diameter 26” (65cm) 28” (72cm) 28” (72cm)
Power Requirements 41-70HP (30.5-52kW) 41-103HP (30.5-77kW) 41-110HP (30.5-82kW)
Turbine Diameter 24” (61cm) 28” (71cm) 28” (71cm)
Standard Features Hardox skid shoe & cutting edge
Hitch Category CAT 1 or CAT 2
Options Working lights, Truckload chute, Custom colour, Auger wear rings, 1000 rpm gearbox, Hydraulic drive, Ratchet style auger clutch