FS 1500 M/MK, FS 1700 M/MK, FS 2000 M/MK

Front mounted snow blade with spring arrangement securing the blade at collision. Hydraulic angling, replaceable rubber, steal or Vulcolan share, adjustable skid pans, supporting legs.

FS 1500 M/MK FS 1700 M/MK FS 2000 M/MK
Weight M/MK 430/463lbs (195/210kg) 452/496lbs (205/225kg) 551/606lbs (250/275kg)
Clearing Width at 25° 54” (136cm) 61” (154cm) 71” (181cm)
Overall Width 59” (150cm) 67” (170cm) 79” (200cm)
Overall Height 26” (65cm)
Angling – Hydraulic 25° right/left – 1 swing cylinder
Standard Features Skid pans
Hitch Category A-frame or 3PH CAT 0 or CAT I
Options LED light kit, Rubber shar, Vucolan shar, pendling suspension, supporting leg(s)