HC/HCH 1500 A, HC/HCH 1800 A

Front mounted with side discharge to the right. With fixed knives, 4 large caster wheels. Includes PTO shaft or hoses and couplings.

HC/HCH 1500 A HC/HCH 1800 A
Weight 518lbs (235kg) 551lbs (250kg)
Cutting Width 6″ (15.3cm) 7″ (17.8cm)
Overall Width 67” (170cm) 76” (193cm)
Overall Height 31” (80cm)
Cutting Height 1 – 3” (2 – 8cm)
Power Requirements 21HP (15kW) 27HP (20kW)
Height Adjustment Hydraulic or Mechanical
Number of Rotors 3 pcs
Number of Knives 3 pcs
Tires 4 pcs 10 x 3″
Standard Features Mounting frame: A-frame or 3-point
Hitch Category
Options Mulching kit, Anti scalp disc 3 pcs., Puncture resistant wheels with armor plating support