FFA 400 K

Communal front extension arm.
Available attachments: Flail head, Flat flail head, Weed brush, Water sprinkler, Guide post washing brush, Electric pump, Branch cutter, Hedge trimmer, Earth auger with a drill, Ditch digger, Stump grinder.


FFA 400 K
Weight 882 lbs (400 kg) arm / 1213 lbs (550 kg) including tool
Overall Width 67” (170 cm)
Overall Height 44” (110 cm)
Overall Length 48” (120 cm)
Reach 144” (360 cm) from centre of vehicle
Hydraulic Requirements 15.5 IG/min 2900 psi (70 litres/min 200 bar)
Standard Features Front adapter for 3 point linkage CAT 1, Flat sealing couplings
Hitch Category 3-Point Hitch CAT 1
Options Counter plate with mushroom, Optional colours