3 RD Ran, 5 RD Ran, 5+2 RD Ran

Hydraulic reel mower with hydraulic lift of cutter unit include safety valves for disconnection of oil stream when cutting unit is lifed. With back lapping equipment to turn the oil stream for edging of knives. Fixed lifted main frame and mechanical safety lock of cutting units during transport.

3 RD Ran 5 RD Ran 5+2 RD Ran
Weight 992lbs (450kg) 1653lbs (750kg) 2205lbs (1000kg)
Cutting Width
Overall Width
Overall Height 35” (88cm)
Cutting Height 1-3” (25-80mm)
Power Requirements 16HP (12kW) 19HP (14kW) 21HP (15kW)
Height Adjustment Hydraulic
Oil Requirements 25 liters at 200 bar 50 liters at 200 bar 90 liters at 250 bar
Number of J Fails 42 sets 48 sets 54 sets
Standard Features
Hitch Category
Options 25cm Magna unit 6 or 8 blades, 21cm Sports Cutter 6 or 8 blades