Why First Class Attachments?
FCA is your one stop shop when it comes to attachments, presenting the leading attachment manufacturers from North America and Europe. We have found the best of the best and collected them all in one place to make finding the perfect attachment for your needs easier.

We are located in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, half way between Ottawa and Montreal. Our goal is to meet all your needs for all seasons.

We have in house manufacturing and highly trained staff. Whether you are looking for a one off solution or attachments for your entire fleet FCA can help.

Mutter Solutions Cutting Edges
Metec Dump Box DB33-1, DB100-1
Fiedler Reversible Flail Arm   FFA 400 K

GMR Front Shovel  FS 1100, FS 1300
GMR Edge Cutter  UF 150 R

Metec Snow Blower  SB44-1, SB50-1, SB60-1, SB72-1
Zaugg Small Snow Blower  SF40, SF55, SF55E
Zaugg Medium Snow Blower  SF65E, SF72E, SF72
Zaugg Large Snow Blower  SF90, SF110

Water Tanks
Fiedler Water Tank  FTS 650, FTS 975
Metec Water Tank  WT 175-1, WT 250-1

Metec Folding V Plow  FVP61-1, FVP66-1, FVP71-1
Metec Fixed V Plow FVP50-1, FVP60-1
Metec 3 Point Hitch Angled Plow  AP50-1, AP55-1, AP58-1, AP60-1, AP72-1
GMR Medium Snow Blade  FS 1500 M/MK, FS 1700 M/MK, FS 2000 M/MK

Pressure Washers
Fiedler Spray Bar FSB 1500
Fiedler Brine Sprayer FSSA 650, FSSA 975
Metec Pressure Washer HPWS-1

Metec Drop Sander DS40-1, DS44-1, DS60-1
Metec Broadcast Sander BC44-1
Fiedler Drop Gritter FWS 200 XL
Fiedler Combi Spreader FWS 200 XL
Fiedler Flat Silo Spreader FSS 650, FSS 800
RMEC Single Axle Drop Spreader TSS 100

Sweepers & Brushes
Metec Sweeper HS/MS48-1, HS/MS60-1, HS/MS72-1
Fiedler Light Front Sweeper FKM 1210, FKM 1310, FKM 1410, FKM 1510
Fiedler Heavy Front Sweeper FKM 1300, FKM 1500
Fiedler Side Driven Front Sweeper FFK 1310, FFK 1610
GMR Sweeper FH 1100 P, FH 1200 P, FH 1300 P, FH 1400 P, FH 1500 P, FH 1600 P, FH 1800 P, FH 2000 P
GMR Medium Street Sweeper HF 1200 MF, HF 1300 MF, HF 1500 MF, HF 1700 MF, HF 2000 MF
GMR Medium Street Sweeper FF/HF 1200 MA, FF/HF 1300 MA, FF/HF 1500 MA, FF/HF 1700 MA
GMR Heavy Street Sweeper FF/HF 1300 PA, FF/HF 1500 PA, FF/HF 1700 PA, FF/HF 2000 PA, FF/HF 2200 PA
GMR Suction Unit Street Sweeper FSA-V 500, FSA-V 1000
GMR Environment Sweeper UK 425 R/L, UK 475 R/L, UK 725 R/L
GMR Environment Sweeper UK 600 MDS, UK 600 HDS

GMR Heavy Rotary Mower FM/FH 1500 P, FM/FH 1800 P, FM/FH 2100 P
GMR Light Rotary Mower TM/TH 1500, TM/TH 1800
GMR Light FR Rotary Mower FR 1500 LM/LH, FR 1800 LM/LH
GMR Side Discharge Rotary mower HC/HCH 1500 A, HC/HCH 1800 A
GMR Grass Collecting Container SC 1200, SC 2000
GMR Triplex Rotary Mower TH/THM 2500, TH/THM 3000
GMR Triplex Rotary Mower TH 2500 C, TH 3000 C
GMR Easy Flail Mower SK 1300 MM/MH, SK 1500 MM/MH, SK 1700 MM/MH
GMR Heavy Flail Mower SK 1500 PM/PH, SK 2000 PM/PH
GMR Reel Mower with Ransomes 3 RD Ran, 5 RD Ran, 5+2 RD Ran

Different tractors may have different requirements. The fields that are blank vary depending on the equipment used. Errors and omissions excepted.