How to Pick the Right Blade

Which blade matches your needs and requirements best? See below for the characteristics and benefits in a direct comparison of our two most popular blades.
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Types of Blades

MUTTER cutting edges are manufactured individually to fit any snow plow perfectly. With experience, knowledge and expertise we can make your snow removal more efficient. As a result, our cutting edges are available in many different types.

MK Combination

MGK Combination

Did you Know?

The correct mounting is essential for efficient snow removal and winter service. This applies in particular to cutting edges made of rubber, rubber-ceramic and polyurethane.

MUTTER solutions recommends an attack angle of 90° (vertical to the road) while using these kind of blades. As a result, the performance of the rubber and synthetic blades will be improved tremendously, the ride will be more comfortable and you are preserving your snow plow and vehicle from being worn or damaged. You also prevent hard hits that can cause defects at the cutting edge.

On the contrary, cutting edges made of steel or as an combination work well with a positive attack angle. Using a lower bend angle, these blades will be less aggressive.

The positive slope of the snow plow is combined with the use of a 0° MK blade. As a result the performance will be aggressive. The more positive the attack angle, the more aggressive the clearance will be. In case of the performance being too aggressive, angled cutting edges reduce the aggressiveness. You can choose between different angles.
The positive slope results in an positive attack angle of a 0° rubber-ceramic blade. As a result, your ride will be uncomfortable and can cause damage. Also the performance will be less effective. Due to the angled MGK rubber ceramic blade, the blade is in a correct, vertical position to the road, even though the snow plow has a positive slope.
The positive slope results in a positive attack angle of 0° rubber blade. As a result, your ride will be uncomfortable and your snow removal performance will be less effective. As an alternative to ordinary rubber and polyurethane blades, our MUTTER MG blade can be manufactured with an angled steel insert. As a result, your cutting edge is mounted correctly (vertical to the road).