Broadcast sand or salt from 3-25’ (91-762cm) in a single pass. Mountable on three-point hitch on most tractors. Hydraulically driven,. Material flow rates are adjustable.

Ideal for sanding sidewalks, pathways, road ways and parking areas.

Weight 460lbs (209kg)
Capacity Up to 1/2 Cubic Yard
Overall Width 44” (112cm)
Overall Height 36” (92cm)
Impleller Diameter 14″ (36cm)
Spreading Distance 3’-25’ (91-762cm)
Power Requirements 40HP (30kW)
Type Hydraulic Driven
Standard Features Lights, Mount for storage legs
Hitch Category CAT I or CAT II
Options Rear LED working lights, Tarp/Cover, Storage legs, Spill protector/enhancer