FVP61-1, FVP66-1, FVP71-1

Hydraulic adjustment of plow blades gives operators a choice of 7 positions for snow removal, a versatile unit in place of fixed V and angle plows. Operators can control the angle of the plow to suit different snow conditions. Hardox cutting edge and skid shoe standard.

FVP61-1 FVP66-1 FVP71-1
Weight 546lbs (248kg) 573lbs (260kg) 605lbs (275kg)
Clearing Width 60” (152cm) 66” (168cm) 70” (178cm)
Overall Width 60” (152cm) 66” (168cm) 70” (178cm)
Mouldboard Height 30″ (76cm)
Swing Angle 30°
Power Requirements 40HP (30kW) 80HP (60kW)
Cutting Edges Rubber, UHMW, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Corrundum, PU, Vulcalon,
Carbide, Hardox
Standard Features Hydraulic adjustment of plow blades, 7 positions
Hitch Category CAT I or CAT II
Options LED working lights, Caster wheels, Curb wear block, Marker flags, Custom colours, Other sizes available please inquire.