FVP50-1, FVP60-1

An economical plow design that will mate with any size tractor over 40HP. Ideal for snow removal operations in urban areas, such as sidewalks and pathways. AR 400 cutting edge standard.

FVP50-1 FVP60-1
Weight 300lbs (136kg) 342lbs (155kg)
Clearing Width 50” (127cm) 60” (152cm)
Overall Width 50” (127cm) 60” (152cm)
Overall Height 38″ (97cm)
Mouldboard Height 30″ (76cm)
Blade Angling (deg) 40°
Power Requirements 40HP (30kW)
Cutting Edges Rubber, UHMW, Mild steel, Stainless steel, Corrundum, PU, Vulcalon, Carbide, Hardox
Standard Features AR 400 cutting edge, skid shoes
Hitch Category CAT I or CAT II
Options Curb wear block, Marker flags, Custom colours. Other sizes available please inquire.