UK 425 R/L, UK 475 R/L, UK 725 R/L

Hydraulic weed brush for use with compact tractors, loaders and tool carriers. Hydraulic tilt of brush head and side shift operates on left or right. Fitted with Parker engine with integrated shock suppression valve, and reversible. 1 x crossover valve supplied as standard delivery Requires 1 x hydraulic output for operating and 2 x dual connections for steering.

UK 425 R/L UK 475 R/L UK 725 R/L
Weight 408lbs (185kg) 474lbs (215kg) 694lbs (315kg)
Sweeping Width 43” (110cm) 83” (210cm)
Width Folded 39” (100cm) 63” (160cm)
Overall Height 35” (90cm)
Power Requirements 22HP (16kW) 26HP (19kW) 29HP (21kW)
Brush Diameter 17” (42.5cm) 29” (72.5cm) 29” (72.5cm)
No. of Brushes/Tufts 40 pcs 80 pcs
Standard Features
Hitch Category