DS40-1, DS44-1, DS60-1

Mountable on three-point hitch on most tractors. Hydraulically driven, the box is equipped with signal lights. Material flow rates are adjustable.

Ideal for sanding sidewalks and parking areas in municipalities and institutions.

DS40-1 DS44-1 DS60-1
Weight 350lbs (159kg) 430lbs (195kg) 554lbs (251kg)
Capacity Up to 1/3 Cubic Yard Up to 1/2 Cubic Yard Up to 3/4 Cubic Yard
Overall Width 40” (102cm) 44” (112cm) 60” (152cm)
Overall Height 30.5” (77cm) 36” (92cm) 41” (104cm)
Cutting Auger Diameter 16″ (41cm) 22″ (56cm) 22″ (56cm)
Power Requirements 40HP (30kW)
Type Hydraulic Driven
Standard Features Lights, Mount for storage legs
Hitch Category CAT I or CAT II CAT II
Options Rear LED working lights, Tarp/Cover, Storage legs, Spill protector/enhancer