These attachments were used for demo purposes and are all in good condition. If you are interested in purchasing any of these used attachments please contact

$4,000Zaugg Plow

3 Point and quick attach plate.
71″ urethane cutting edges, hydraulic/manual angle adjustment 30°

$2,800Metec Drop Sander

Rear mount 40″ wide up to 1/3 cu yard.

$2,000Kugelmann Broadcast Sander

As is, rear mount PTO oil pump 72″

SOLDMetec Drop Sander

Rear mount 60″ wide up to 3/4 cu yard

$6,500Metec Blower w/ extended chute

Easy to remove chute, 3 point hitch, front or rear mount / PTO driven, 70″ wide with LED lights

$3,800Metec Angle Plow

3 point front mount, 60″ wide, hydraulic/manual angle adjustment 30°

$3,000Metec Fixed V-Plow

3 point hitch, no trip edge, no hydraulic required.

$1,800Kugelmann Push Broom

3 point hitch and forklift mount.
72″ wide manual angle adjustment.

$8,500Metec Pressure Washer

Front mount 3 point hitch PTO Pump 51″ spray to 91″ spray hydraulic adjustable. Extendable to the right or left.