First Class Attachments Proudly Introduces MUTTER Solutions Cutting Edges to North America

MUTTER Solutions is a recognized European leader in the manufacture of high-quality, reliable cutting edges for winter service machines.  Now, after extensive testing under rigorous winter conditions in Canada, these superior cutting edges are available in North America through FCA.

MUTTER Solutions cutting edges have demonstrated increased longevity and significant reductions in vibration and bouncing compared to competitive products.  This means fewer cutting edge changes, less downtime, and cost savings on manpower and reduced fuel consumption.

These benefits are the result of MUTTER’s laser focus on the production of high-quality cutting edges for snow plows.  Over the years the company has acquired a high degree of expertise and developed specialized production processes to produce superior cutting edges for efficient and cost-effective snow clearance.  Working with established suppliers and using the highest quality raw materials processed on the latest precision production machines, MUTTER has established a reputation for helping end users achieve effective snow removal and ensuring safe, clear roads, sidewalks and highways.

Since its foundation in 1999, MUTTER has evolved from the distribution of winter-service machines such as snow plows and spreaders to the expert manufacture of cutting edges.  Today a team of professional, experienced employees manufactures and sells MUTTER cutting edges worldwide.

One key to MUTTER’s success is the ability to rapidly adapt products to customer requirements.  As a medium-sized manufacturer, MUTTER has the flexibility to respond fast to end user needs while continuing to ensure the high quality of cutting edges.  Furthermore, every cutting edge is assigned a unique code, enabling comprehensive traceability for quality control and safety purposes.

Our trained and professional staff are happy to answer any questions you have.  Please contact us any time by email at or by phone at (613) 678-3957. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Used Attachments for Sale

These attachments were used for demo purposes and are all in good condition. If you are interested in purchasing any of these used attachments please contact

$4,000Zaugg Plow

3 Point and quick attach plate.
71″ urethane cutting edges, hydraulic/manual angle adjustment 30°

$2,800Metec Drop Sander

Rear mount 40″ wide up to 1/3 cu yard.

$2,000Kugelmann Broadcast Sander

As is, rear mount PTO oil pump 72″

$4,000Metec Drop Sander

Rear mount 60″ wide up to 3/4 cu yard

$6,500Metec Blower w/ extended chute

Easy to remove chute, 3 point hitch, front or rear mount / PTO driven, 70″ wide with LED lights

$3,800Metec Angle Plow

3 point front mount, 60″ wide, hydraulic/manual angle adjustment 30°

$3,000Metec Fixed V-Plow

3 point hitch, no trip edge, no hydraulic required.

$1,800Kugelmann Push Broom

3 point hitch and forklift mount.
72″ wide manual angle adjustment.

$8,500Metec Pressure Washer

Front mount 3 point hitch PTO Pump 51″ spray to 91″ spray hydraulic adjustable. Extendable to the right or left.